Dealer License 101

Buying and Selling at Auto Auctions Nationwide!

How to get a dealer license? Well there are many sites who can tell you they know how but no one can offer what DLG can!

 Dealer License Group has over 25 years of experience and will guide you through the application process. 

At DLG we practice what we preach. Ownership of this company is actively involved in the business and is an actual auto wholesale dealer.  We want you to take advantage of the many facets of this business. So whether you are buying from insurance auctions to reconditioning vehicels, want to export vehicles or simply prosper as a wholesale dealer, we can help you maximize your dealer license.

An auto dealer license from Dealer License Group provides you with the whole package to succeed in this market!  You will learn how to make money as a wholesaler and how to retail vehicles legally!

-Be aware of other wholesale programs and imitators who have ILLEGAL retail programs!

All states have legal limits when dealing with private auto sales, usually 3 to 5 per year.  Unless you are a dealer, it is challenging to make a substantial profit.

Most states require a retail lot, signage, zoning letter, permits, etc. DLG will help you with all the state requirements to help alleviate this otherwise complicated and tedious process.

Dealer License Group has office suites available to help you apply for your car dealer license! No lot is needed! These offices meet all zoning requirements to qualify you for a wholesale dealer license. Not only will we handle all the paperwork on your behalf, but you will have the tools to be successful in the auto industry.  

Only Dealer License Group offers this unique program! Click on the Sign up Now button, fill out the simple form, and we’ll get back to you with all the information you will need to get started.

"You are the man Greg!!! You guys at DLG did a great job helping me get my dealer license!"MTM Autos Inc.

"My dreams became true thanks to Jana at DLG who from the beginning encouraged me and advised me and who is 24/7 my friend and business adviser.  D l J Cars, Inc.