How to Retail?


DLG makes the retail process easy! We work with a nationwide network of retail dealers who can help you to legally process your transactions.  There are many benefits to having your own Dealer License and working with local dealers but most importantly it is the only legal way to do it! 

In order to process a retail transaction for a vehicle, the transaction must be handled by a licensed retail dealer in the United States. Dealer License Group can help you maximize your wholesale dealer’s license with our network of retail dealers.

Be aware of other wholesale programs and imitators who have ILLEGAL retail programs!

There are several illegal retail programs out of Alabama, Missouri, Indiana and Illinois who illegally distribute bill of sale forms to their customers.  There is no such thing as an offsite sale! This practice is called Curbstoning and it is highly illegal in fact many Secretary of State Police organizations have special task force units to catch Curbstoning. 

DLG does NOT condone curbstoning ,please read our blog to better enlighten you on what's being done about curbstoning. 


Other “Retail Programs” claim that with just paperwork and a bill of sale you can sell vehicles from anywhere!

The real truth is that there is only ONE way to legally retail a vehicle to an individual and that is though a retail facility. If you are caught curb stoning you will face fines and possible arrest.  Just call your own DMV and they will confirm!

DLG has spent considerable resources through its legal team to assure you that any programs we offer are 100% legal!  You will be able to make money retailing vehicles legally. Become a part of our dealer network to retail your vehicles with no worries! 

For information regarding all start up costs, fees and application for your Dealer License please call us at 866-664-0054 or send us an email at one of our sales professionals will provide you with additional information.